How long will the current TE-SIS remain operational?

The current TE-SIS will be decommissioned at the end of 2022, which will mark its entry into EOL (End of Life) mode in software terms. If, during this time, a customer wishes to continue using their current TE-SIS, no problem: however, from 1 January 20222 our team will no longer carry out any improvements or updates to this programme. Only Tesis Broker Manager will be upgraded. And in 2023, only Tesis Broker Manager will exist.

When will Tesis Broker Manager be available?

From the second quarter of 2022, migrations from the current TE-SIS to the new Tesis Broker Manager will start. Customers who already have TE-SIS installed will be given priority when migrating to the new Tesis Broker Manager. We will order the On-Boarding of customers (new and existing) according to the priority and need of each case. The data transfer will be complete and will be done almost immediately: what will take a natural time will be the training of the client’s staff and the adaptation to the new system.

What installation is necessary for a brokerage to work with Tesis Broker Manager?

None. Tesis Broker Manager is fully web-based, responsive and mobile. Storage, backups, computing capacity, etc., are the responsibility of CODEOSCOPIC. Tesis Broker Manager is multi-user and multi-brokerage. To work with it, all you need is a browser and an internet connection, just as with Avant2 Sales Manager. It can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. Each type of user defined by the brokerage will log into the programme through a different url:

  • https://correduría.tesis.io / empleados
  • https://correduría.tesis.io / colaboradores
  • https://correduría.tesis.io / clientes

  • How is Tesis Broker Manager sold?

    It will be sold by USERS and there will be two types of USERS: Brokerage executive employees and Collaborators, and nothing else! There will be no Licence fee, no permanence and no hosting fees. Your brokerage will make a single investment (monthly or yearly) for the users it hires… and that’s it!

    What if I am already a TE-SIS customer?

    You will be presented with an investment proposal for Tesis Broker Manager, with the new pay-per-user model. If you accept, the transfer to the new system will be done FREE OF CHARGE.

    Why do I need to have Tesis Broker Manager and the current TE-SIS initially? Do they do different things?

    Yes, the current TE-SIS becomes TE-SIS ADMIN to perform tasks more related to connectivity, user management and settlements.

    If I already have Avant2 Sales Manager, what is in it for my brokerage if I choose Tesis Broker Manager instead of my current ERP?

    By choosing Tesis Broker Manager you will have a total ecosystem for your client portfolio, as all information will be synchronised between the two tools, reducing your administrative burden by not having to duplicate the same information in two different programs. Moreover, Tesis Broker Manager is more than an ERP for management: through its dashboard it provides you with a great power of analysis, indicators, measurement of objectives…, functionalities that will help you to make decisions about your business.

    So… Will Avant2 Sales Manager and Tesis Broker Manager share customer information?

    Yes, they will! Brokerages can use Avant2 Sales Manager for quoting, bidding and policy issuance… and at the same time, in full connection with Tesis Broker Manager they will manage the portfolio. The information will be reflected immediately in both platforms, without the need to duplicate and enter data twice. And all through a single INTEGRAL USER, and on the same information database.